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Horoscopes and Astrology

Astrology is the study of the universe and how it affects us. We don’t know exactly when the study of astrology began: however, we’ve always been obsessed with the stars in the night sky – right back to the days of the Caveman. There is a recorded history of astrology going back over 4,000 years to the Middle East, but it is believed to be much older than that.
In the early days, only the most intelligent of scholars and officials practiced astrology; even then, it was only applied to matters of government and affairs of the country or region. In time, the information that accumulated under the umbrella of astrology became available to individuals to use in their own lives.
There are many different forms of astrological studies. These include Vedic astrology, which is mostly used in Eastern countries, Uranian astrology, which focuses on midpoints, the exact middle between two points in a chart, and horary astrology, which casts a chart at the moment a particular question is asked, and the answer gleaned through that chart.
How astrology actually works cannot easily be answered. There are many theories of astrology that are bandied about, which are based on principles such as quantum physics, electromagnetic energy fields, even energy effects while the fetus is in the womb.